Moving In

Moving In




Information especially for Owners and Tenants to know before occupancy:


Whether a new owner or a new tenant, you should be in possession of the items and knowledge below. The homeowner who rents his unit is responsible for ensuring that his or her tenants are given these items, that the elevators are properly safeguarded during move-in and out, and that both owner and tenant are familiar with the facts below.


  • 1 Copy of the General Community rules (adopted 2007) and 1 Copy of the Amenity-Specific rules (adopted 2009)
  • 2 key fobs for access to the facilities
  • 2 parking resident decals for owner/tenant vehicles
  • 5 yellow temporary parking passes
  • The HOA must be provided with a working key for emergency access



Elevator protection is provided by contacting the Maintenance Tech (910) 617-1947 for Lee Cox and Abe Gorton to inform them of your move in date. All second and third story units should use this service to prevent payment for possible damage.


One garbage dumpster is located on Garden Terrace Drive, behind two large, bolted doors. Dumpster service is provided for residents who are moving in (and those who are traveling and need to empty trash before Thursday). All trash must be in bags and placed inside the dumpster. All cardboard boxes must be broken down flat and placed inside the dumpster.


Regular garbage pick up is around noon on Tuesday. The trash cart should be placed in front of the brick pillar next to your garage. Carts should be back in the garage by that same evening. Thursday mornings, carts remaining out are confiscated by the Maintenance Tech. You must contact the Maintenance Tech to pick up a trash cart at the carwash and transport it back to your own garage.


The Carwash, to be used by residents only, is located on Garden Terrace Drive, next to the maintenance building. A hand sprayer nozzle is provided; the vacuum is 75 cents per cycle. Please be aware that owners pay collectively for the water used. Changing oil or performing any car repair in this area is prohibited.


Residents have three parking options: inside their garage, directly on their white, concrete parking pad, and in visitor parking. Absolutely no parking is allowed on the cobblestones even for a few minutes. This includes double parking of cars on parking pads. Parking on cobblestones impedes others from access to their garages. Please see additional parking rules in the rules and regulations.


Moving containers (such as a POD) are allowed on parking pads, under a strict 3 day policy.


Pet Notice:


TVAM follows the city ordinance regarding dog leash laws and picking up waste from your pet. Pet Stations with bags are conveniently located near all buildings in nice grassy area. Unleashed dogs or not picking up waste will result in a violation notice and potential fine.


A special note about smoking on patios: in the past mulch fires have been created from cigarette butts being tossed from patios either by hand or blown by the wind from ash trays. Try a small coffee can with sand in the bottom to prevent smoking material from flying away.


A special note about rules and regulations: it is worth taking a few minutes to carefully review the General Community rules and the Amentiy-Specific rules as both are strictly enforced and consequences are assessed to the owner of record.


For other questions, please feel free to contact the TVAM Maintenance Tech at (910-617-1947) or TVAM Property Manager Todd Edmiston at (910-256-2021).