The Village At Mayfaire Key

Key Fob Replacement Policy


The Village at Mayfaire implemented its key fob access system on November 10, 2008. There is a strict limit of two key fobs per residence. The initial distribution of two key fobs for each unit was paid for by the COA. The replacement policy is a homeowner responsibility and is as follows:


Key fobs are registered to the unit owner. The unit owner of record is the only person who may request, sign for, and be issued a replacement key fob.


If a key fob needs replacement for any reason (such as loss or theft) the replacement fee per key fob is $50, without exception, to be paid by the unit owner. The original key fob is deactivated and will no longer work if found or returned.


For a key fob that has been lost or stolen:


  1. The unit owner should contact TVAMs Maintenance Tech (910) 617-1947 for Lee Cox and Abe Gorton


  1. Mr. Denton will help determine the lost key fobs identifying number and will immediately deactivate that number from the system. The key fob will no longer work if found or returned.


To request a replacement key fob:


  1. The unit owner should contact TVAMs Maintenance Tech, Lee Cox at 910-617-1947 or to arrange for a meeting during regular working hours between 9 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.


  1. At the meeting, the owner must remit the $50 replacement fee, sign for, and receive the replacement fob. Identity verification will be required. Only checks or money order will be accepted and should be made payable to The Village at Mayfaire COA. Cash cannot be accepted. Please note: A replacement key fob may only be issued after the deactivation of an original fob.